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What are you reading, writing as summer winds down?

We’re in the late summer doldrums here in Springfield, Missouri. Those are the days around here when the heat is still hanging on, the humidity is generally at the uncomfortable level, fish aren’t too actively jumping in the lakes (sort of worn out, I guess), the pond filters and pool filters are starting to clog, and I’m generally impatient for the cool breezes of fall.

It’s that time of year when I ask: So, what are you reading or writing as summer winds to an end?

I ask because today I’ve actually taken some time to get a bit of writing done, and even took a short nap (shhh, don’t rat me out on that) — and started a new Lee Child novel. (I recommended Child’s work a few days ago.) I enjoy finding new authors to read. I enjoy stumbling upon new worlds to read about. Leave us a comment and share. What are you reading as summer nears an end?

(Oh, yeah: We’ve had a miraculously comfortable — for the Ozarks, that is — summer in these parts this year. Not at all as hot and humid as the past 30 summers we’ve lived here. I say that as a good thing. Fat guys HATE hot, humid weather.)