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What’s your best tip for fledgling copywriters out there?

Whether you’re writing about custom wheel covers, collectible silver spoons, or patio furniture covers, what is your best tip for those who find themselves needing to do their own copywriting?

I ask this for a number of reasons. For one thing, we can all learn from each other. For another thing, I often find myself working on an affiliate marketing website and needing to do my own copywriting. I’ll be I’m not alone on that.

In a perfect world, we all would be able to afford hiring a great copywriter and make a bucket of money from their services. But in the less than perfect world where most of us live, blog, and build websites, we often are our own “best” copywriters.

Share you comments, please, and help out those of us who are “learning-as-we-go” to write successful sales copy.