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What’s your writing business worth? How do you put numbers on the value of your writing?

How do you know what your blog or website is worth? How do you value your entire writing “business”? Have you ever thought about putting a price tag on your writing?

Those are special questions you may someday need to answer if you develop a successful blog, or create a financially successful website. Maybe you do no writing online, but create manuscripts to submit to editors, take writing assignments from publications, do freelance writing for businesses — all those things add up to a writing career. Whether online or offline, all those things are part of what gives value to your writing business.

Small business valuation is sort of an art and a science, as I understand it. Small businesses are valued for tangibles (shelves, file cabinets, desks, widgets, etc.) and intangibles (staff and management personnel, intellectual properties, etc.). Your writing career, your writing business, also involves tangibles and intangibles. But most likely, especially if you’re just starting out writing for money, your business value is focused almost completely on one asset: YOU.

So what are you worth? What is your writing business worth? Do you have a blog or website, and if so, how do you value that? I hope you’ve thought about some of those things and arrived at some concrete answers. Knowing where you are, where you want to be, and how you get there are crucial to your writing success.

Know this also: You won’t succeed as a professional writer if you treat your writing as a hobby or a recreation — you must treat it as a business.
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