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When is a blog not a blog? Is a blog the same as a website?

The questions I’ve asked in the title to this blog post are not rhetorical. They are real questions an online pal of mine asked me recently. This person, who is very shy so I won’t give away any personal information, has been doing affiliate marketing and writing copy for “non-blogging” websites for a number of years. And doing quite well at it, too.

But this person contacted me as he or she was about to embark on a first effort at creating a blog and was completely unsure about what steps to take.

Yes, I explained, a blog is indeed a type of website. Generally, though, a blog focuses on “posts” or short blocks of content organized around a theme. And most blogs rely on specific software that makes it easy to set up the site, write the content, configure the content, and easily “post” or publish it on the Internet.

And in some cases, the blogging software can be used to make very “non-bloggy” blogs that you would have trouble telling apart from a traditional website. I have several such sites myself.

Probably the easiest way, for those who have never set up and ran a blog, to think of blogs and blog posts is to substitute the word “article” for “post.” If you’ve written an article online, you can absolutely successfully write a blog post.

I’m no expert at blogging, but I have set up several blogs, all using the wonderful — and free — WordPress blogging software. I’d be happy to give it a shot, if you have any questions you’d like to ask about blogs, blogging, and WordPress. I can happily say there’s no question I can’t answer — because I’ve never been hesitant to answer a question with “I don’t know” when I, uh, really don’t know.

Feel free to leave us a comment and ask away if you’ve got questions you want me to take a stab at.