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Where do you shop most often when you buy books? How often do you buy books?

I know the question in the title of my post isn’t really that on-topic for writing and writing tips, but I know also that part of what I do at this blog is discuss general issues related to writing.

So where do you shop most often when you buy books? Is there a favorite local bookstore you go to? Do you shop mostly online for books? Or do you go to the “big box” offline bookstores?

My wife, Shirley, and I generally watch for email coupons that we get regularly from Borders and go to our local Borders to use them. That doesn’t happen often, because we don’t buy that many books, really. Or if we buy them, they’re often “Christian” writing that we buy through a local outlet linked to our former employer — where Shirley still gets a regular 30 percent discount as a retiree.

Do you mostly shop for books with coupons, either online or offline? Do you ever go to used book stores? (What’s the correct way to say that “use bookstore” or “used book store”?) We have several stores in my town that offer some great deals on used books. Those are mostly paperback fiction, but they offer a fair amount of non-fiction stock, too.

Or do you generally use the public libarary a lot and buy very few books?

I suppose the 800 pound gorilla in the room when you discuss book buying has to be Amazon. Even with shipping charges, you can often find a specific book more quickly and cheaply through Amazon or an online auction than shopping locally.

What about you? How, when, and where do you shop for books? Tell us, please.
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