Why do people sign up for a blog using some idiotic, spammy name?

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One of the great mysteries I find about running blogs is that some people register using obviously false names and email addresses. And usually those usernames and/or email addresses are something p*rn*gr*aphic or at least sp*mmy.

The truly odd thing about this is that 1) I offer no free giveaways to those who register, 2) I allow anyone to submit a comment whether or not they register, 3) I personally review ALL comments or they don’t get posted, and, 4) I allow no one to write posts to my blogs except me or someone I have had personal contact with.

What in the name of all that’s sensible and even “nonsense-able” is the point??

Periodically, I scan through everyone who has registered for this blog. If you used an obviously idiotic username or email address, I will delete you. Why you would do that is simply something I never will understand.

Any of you that have registered here recently using some variation of V**gr* or s*xyg*rl, etc., care to post a comment explaining how and why your juvenile, twisted little mind works in this case??

3 Responses to “Why do people sign up for a blog using some idiotic, spammy name?”

  1. Leader says:

    No I haven’t signed up with a spam name. But I know what they’re thinking.

    They’re thinking–or shall I say, their bots are thinking:

    If $site=”some blog”

    Their bots are not programmed to bother looking at things like posting privileges. And in any case, they want to comment spam you to death and get links, not make posts.

    The point? LINKS. It’s all about the links. And if some horny guy actually buys some V*agr* after seeing the spam comment, that’s extra.

    The names, of course, are either keywords (V*agr*, etc.), or they’re designed to get people to click through (s*xyg*rl) to the site on the other side of them.

    Blame Goofle, for making it so ranking is all a matter of how many billion links they can generate.

    Hang around some blackhat SEO forums and you will see the point behind all of that kind of stuff.
    “There is no knowledge that is not power” and that includes the knowledge you use for defense.

  2. Gary says:

    Ah, so of course now I’m starting to “get it.” I was aware of all those automated (bots) programs out there that do such things. It just hadn’t clicked for me yet as I was putting together my earlier rant. That clarifies it a lot. Thanks, Leader, for the explanation. (If, indeed, you really ARE Leader??)

  3. Leader says:

    Yep it’s me…LeaderABW…I tweeted back, too.:-)

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