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Would you pay to read this blog? Would you pay to read it on Kindle?

Amazingly enough, I just discovered that the new electronic “library machine,” or however Amazon bills it — Kindle 1 and it’s new, bigger brother Kindle DX — is actually accepting blogs into their library. Which prompts my question: Would you pay to read this blog? And would you pay to download it regularly via RSS feed and read it in your Kindle?

Given Amazon’s marketing power and sheer volume of regular customers, it’s a good bet that Kindle will catch on permanently. Heck, I’ve even read stories about major textbook companies who’ll be porting their entire textbook lines to the Kindle format. Now, if you are a graduate student of any sort you are aware of the MILLIONS (okay, slight exaggeration) you have to spend on textbooks every semester. Seems to me that signing up textbook publishers and knocking semester textbook costs down a few hundred bucks might be a big boost for the little device.

But putting blogs in the Kindle library? I dunno. Think it’ll work? And, by the way, within the next 48-72 hours, you’ll be able to find “Writing Tips at GarySpeer.com” available for sale at the Kindle Store. Or so they tell me.