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Wow, where have I been for the last few days? Spring catching up with me, I guess

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Welcome back — to myself.

I guess the busy-ness of the season, the alternating cold weather and torrential, tornadic downpours — it’s a conspiracy, I tell ya, a conspiracy to keep me offline.

Okay, I’m not the victim of any conspiracy except the conspiracy of time and events we call life. Since I work at maintaining and doing chief writing for six different blogs, sometimes I lose track. In this case I honestly didn’t know it had been four days since I last came here to share some of my wit (half) and wisdom (?) with you. But here I am, so here we go.

I hope to appeal to your better nature with this one — tell me about your writing life. I’m inviting comments here because I really hope some of the experiences I’ve had as a writer and editor may be of value to you. But that can only happen as I know more about you who are reading this. What sort of writing do you do or do you hope to do? Are you more interested in writing short stories or novels? Fiction or nonfiction? Copy writing or poetry?

I have been looking for some good software that will allow me to post a poll or some similar multiple-choice feedback options so I can get to know more about you who read this blog with a view to helping me understand what you’d like to read.

I’m still looking for that software. Any of you who blog have any suggestions?

Talk to me, friends and regular readers. Talk to me, first-timers and occasional visitors.

The floor is open and I await your comments, questions, and suggestions. And if you’re most comfortable not posting a public comment, then use the “Contact Us” page and it’ll send email directly to me without making your comments or questions public.
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One Response to “Wow, where have I been for the last few days? Spring catching up with me, I guess”

  1. Connie says:

    I’ve always enjoyed writing and having two blogs with another one starting keeps me busy. I’d really like to write a blog for informational purposes. I’d also like to provide support for people on this blog.

    I don’t want to do any paid posting, just provide a service. I can’t tell you what my plans are as it’s a niche that isn’t covered often in the blogoshpere.

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