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Write legitimate reviews for products you market

As a follow-up to my last article about writing affiliate marketing copy, I wanted to discuss a very popular form of “niche marketing” and affiliate marketing: writing reviews of products and services offered by your affiliate marketing merchant partners.

Have you ever been considering an online purchase and tried to find a review of the product you’re thinking of buying? Of course you have, if you’ve done much online shopping at all. Then you go to Google or Yahoo! or Bing or whatever search site you use and plug in something like, “green widget reviews.” And if you’ve done much of that, you discover a problem: Most of the “reviews” you find are just thinly veiled efforts to sell you a specific product or service, not really a legitimate review.

Here’s my suggestion. Whether you’re writing reviews about blue widgets (whatever those are), children’s tricycles, or reviews about vinyl siding — make them legitimate, unbiased reviews.

If you do that, and you do that consistently, your website will get notice from people honestly seeking information about your product or services to help them make buying decisions. Once you establish credibility with legitimate reviews, you’ll find yourself growing a solid shopping audience. Tell what’s good about the product, and be sure to include what’s bad.

Unbiased, legitimate reviews involve some work. But when people are searching for real reviews, or anything else on the Internet, and learn they can find it at your website, they’ll beat a path to your door.