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With the new year rapidly approaching, I thought I’d take an opportunity to share one truly serious “rule” you ought to live by as a writer. There are a world of skills and bucket loads of information you need to master when you work at the craft of writing, whether you write fiction or non-fiction. Likewise, writing for websites and/or blogs carries its unique set of skills and challenges.

But there’s really one thing, and one thing only, that absolutely must be at the heart of your writing if you expect to succeed as a writer. Let me give you that “tip” for the new year:

Write about what you love, what you feel real passion for.

You can write until you wear out a thousand keyboards, or use up a river of ink, but you’ll never be the writer you should be and the writer you wish to be unless you do whatever it takes to write about your passion.

Let’s say you want to set up a blog and write regularly about something people are looking for on the Internet and find ways to turn visitors to your site into some sort of customers so that you can make money with your writing. Let’s just say you study diligently and find tons of people who search online for lighting fixtures. You line up some advertisers who’ll pay you to run ads on your site about light fixtures, you do a lot of research and get ready, then find you need to write something in your specialized blog about lighting fixtures at least three times a day for a year or year and a half before you ever begin to make significant money from your writing.

How much passion do you really have about lighting fixtures??

On the other hand, if your passionate about physics and astronomy, and you love researching all things about astronomy and physics, you need to launch a blog about them. Your passion will sustain your writing while you pile up hundreds and eventually thousands of blog posts about astronomy and physics.

Suddenly you find yourself with 600,000+ blog visitors each month and you’re making several thousand dollars a month from various ad sources and other ventures made possible — because you wrote about subjects for which you had passion.

I wanted to share that with you as the underpinnings of a new writing career this new year — or perhaps just a bit of inspiration to renew your writing career this new year.

Oh, yeah: I never made up that astronomy/physics site. It isn’t hypothetical. It’s a real blog an online acquaintance of mine created out of his passion for the subject a number of years ago. He makes a decent income from it today.

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