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Writers should always read — so what are you reading?

Writers should always be readers — so what are you reading right now? (Besides this post, I mean.)

I usually have at least one non-fiction book and one novel that I’m reading at any given time. (I won’t tell you where I do much of my daily reading. I think you can figure it out just from that remark. HINT: I read there a lot of an early morning.)

Seriously, what are you reading right now? How do you think it helps in your writing? Do you read only fiction or only non-fiction? Why?

Personally, I’m just finishing “American Prince,” a memoir by one of my favorite childhood movie stars, Tony Curtis. It is filled with the sort of fun stories about Hollywood’s earlier days and earlier stars, as well as interesting anecdotes about many of Curtis’ movies. (My favorites are “Houdini,” “The Great Race,” and “Trapeze.” If you aren’t familiar with them, check them out on DVD.)

I’m in the middle of reading one of James Patterson’s recent string of suspense/mystery novels, “Run for Your Life,” and then will start “Eifelheim,” by Michael Flynn. The Flynn novel is one I found browsing the recent fiction shelf at my local public library and the title and jacket copy caught my attention. It looks interesting.

So — what are you reading? And what are you writing?

One Response to “Writers should always read — so what are you reading?”

  1. Chris says:

    I’m reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s, “Travels With a Donkey” because I want to gain some insight into travel writing. I want to interject some more color into my setting of my current work.