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Writing 1,000 articles in a month — Part 2 of 2

I hope you’ll get a chance to read the forum thread I referenced in part one of this two-part series regarding Internet writing and writing content for websites/blogs.

For affiliate marketing purposes, I would come down on the side of the “argument” mentioned in part one which says “content” on marketing websites must primarily be SALES content. As one of the longtime members at the forum I linked to in the previous post would say — marketing is about selling, not about writing encyclopedia or library articles. If you want to share information regarding how a product works and how it would be of benefit to someone visiting your site, you really should emphasize the BENEFIT aspect, not the “how to” or some sort of “where to buy” feature.

If you aren’t writing content that sells, you aren’t doing affiliate marketing. Selling, making money, is the whole purpose of it.

So if you’re writing content for your website or blog, you must be clear about what you want site/blog visitors to see and to do. If yours is an information site, go crazy writing content about the widgets, parakeets, sunflowers, or lawn chairs which are dear to your heart. If yours is a sales site, you need to tell me exactly how that lawn chair will benefit me — then urge me to get it while it’s hot and lead me directly to a “buy now” link.

So, think you can write 1,000 articles a month? Think you can make those articles a minimum of 400 words long? Think you can say something interesting, even compelling, in those articles?

I can’t. I wouldn’t even try it. I write fast, but even I don’t write that fast. If you’ve been reading the forum thread I referenced in the first post in this series (here’s the link again), you’ll notice some of the numbers involved in that whole 1,000 article idea. The person who started the thread and says he could turn out 1,000 articles of 400+ words of quality content in a month makes reference to writing an article in 5-10 minutes. If we give him the benefit of the doubt and allow 10 minutes per article, that’s 10,000 minutes per month — which works out to 166 hours, give or take. That 166 hours per month represents 4.1 “full-time” work weeks of 40 hours per week.

Want a full-time job writing content articles for your website or blog? Good luck to you. Oh, and then after you’ve “succeeded” as the forum poster suggests by doing 1,000 articles in a month — are you ready to do it again next month? And the next?

If you could do it, and if the content articles were written exactly right, you might generate enough traffic to your website/blog of BUYING customers that you could make sort of a living on the Internet.

If you’re at that point with your writing, here’s my humble plea: Please contact me and tell me exactly how to do it. I could use a shot at the big money myself.

Meanwhile, put your fingers on that keyboard and write something that’ll make us all proud of you.
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