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Writing demands that you sell yourself by showing ‘benefits’

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Does the distinction I tried to make in my earlier post between marketing diet pills and fat burners really apply to writing fiction?

You bet it does. The “what’s in it for me” concept applies to just about every relationship in your life, certainly to your writing. Whether we’re talking about writing, social relationships, or personal relationships, we’re talking about “salesmanship” of some sort. You are constantly reselling your self in one way or another to editors, to friends, to loved ones.

Is that too cynical? Does that mean I view myself as “on stage” constantly, even in private — or that you need to view yourself that way?

No, not really. Of course I realize personal relationships and some social relationships become “set” or “fixed” so that you aren’t always on the spot to perform or please others. I’m a firm believer, for example, in the unconditional love between spouses, unconditional love for children, and that God has unconditional love for people (for me, as an example).

But keep in mind for most relationships, particularly those you form with acquaintances and with business associates, will always work better if you remember that most such people will always respond best if you put your best foot forward (I love that cliche) and show them “what’s in YOU for them.”

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