Writing for money online demands hard work, flexibility

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Just suppose you had a chance to make some quick money writing for various websites. You’re a freelance writer, with a varied background in all sorts of writing. Now suppose your first challenge was to write a short piece of ad copy (no more than 200-300 words) about the best colon cleanser the world has ever seen, or so says the company for which you’re working.

First of all, the subject itself may seem a bit sensitive or private to you; if you’re of my age or older, I’m sure it is somewhat private. Colon health is a wonderful thing, but not generally something I or many of my generation might be interested in talking about publicly.

How would you approach the assignment? Obviously, you’d want to research the product and, assuming you know little or nothing about various colon cleansing products and diets that are out there, you’d want to research the whole subject.

But here is the hard part: What do you do if you have absolutely no interest in such bodily functions and procedures, least of all any knowledge or experience with it??

I mention all that to say this: If you hope to make money online doing freelance writing, you’ve got to reach a point where you can research and write about a wide variety of subjects whether they interest you or not. In addition to running your own website or blog, most markets online for freelance writers are flooded with eager writers and writer “wannabes” who WILL happily take any kind of assignment and find a creative way to write about ANYTHING.

I have gone to a number of websites that hire freelance writers. Their pay rates are abysmally low and they generally have a huge list of articles on incredibly boring topics which you much choose from. At the same time, I’ve met one or two people at a forum I visit regularly who are making living income doing exactly this sort of thing: Writing on any possible subject for very low rates, but doing a huge quantity of that writing every day.

Welcome to the new world of Internet freelancing.

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