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Writing for money online — write for your site or others?

One of the questions constantly debated by those who write for the Internet is this: Should you write content and put it on other websites, or should you focus your time on writing content for your own blog or website?

I’ve wrestled with this myself. I have noted that when I add an article to one of my websites, most of which are run by WordPress blogging software, people come to the website. When I write an article and submit it to another website, with links back to one of my websites, I don’t get as many immediate visitors to my website — but having a link from another site back to my website (backlinking is the term) is very important in the long run.

So, my approach is to try to do BOTH. For example, I might write an article for one of my affiliate marketing sites comparing Playstation 3 with Xbox 360. (I really know very little about gaming systems and may have that comparison totally wrong, but you get the idea.) Then I would writing a different article about playstation 3 and another article about xbox 360 — with links in both articles to the article on my site comparing the two gaming systems. I would then submit both of those to an article directory like EzineArticles.com.

That way, I would have the benefit of traffic to my site from 1) the original article, 2) the playstation 3 article link from EzineArticles.com, and, 3) the xbox 360 article link form EzineArticles.com.

So, from that point I merely repeat the process for my websites, and perhaps add articles (each different from the others) at Squidoo, HubPages, and some of the other online article sites.

The other approach, which I like in concept but find difficult in real life, is simply putting the same amount of effort into three, four, five, six, etc., original articles written on related “keywords” to post to my own website.

I personally know two individuals who make serious online money (as in $5,000+ per month, which is serious in my household), one by posting articles on his own site and following up with articles linking back to his site; the other posts almost exclusively on his own site only and over the years has turned it into a real authority site on his subject, with literally tens of thousands of articles.

So both ideas have their merits; both work. You decide how and what you wish to write. And may success, good fortune, and lots of writing income rain down upon you.

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  1. Article marketing requires dedication. This is a process that takes time to generate enough traffic flow to your website or blog for it to be worth the effort.