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Writing for new media — be flexible, try new things

I confess I’m an “old-timer” when it comes to writing. The writing I enjoy most is putting words on paper with a pen or even a pencil. If I were forced to rank newer writing “media” for preference, my next favorite writing would be with a computer and printer. Then I enjoy posting articles online here and at various other websites I run.

My least writing experience has been with audio and video media, so I tend to avoid any such stuff.

But in a world moving toward 3-D movies and television, where even DVDs are becoming obsolete in light of Blue-Ray discs (not to be confused in any way with “blue light therapy”), it probably is past time to move into writing for new media.

Of course, from a practical standpoint, writers use words and words are fundamental to writing for any media. That’s true. It’s also true that writing successfully for audio/video media means thinking visually and “picturing” scenes more than merely selecting words and crafting sentences and paragraphs.

Quite a number of years ago, a successfully well-published writer friend of mine explained his fundamental work methodology for writing. He does all of his first drafts very quickly, imagining each scene and each character in it as part of a film or television show that he’s watching in his mind.

That works for me with the writing I do. I view the “mental movie” of each story, and slap it down on paper (or in a computer file) as quickly as I can while viewing. I recommend that for your consideration, whatever media you’re writing for.