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Writing for the Internet? Learn to think ‘multi-media’

If you’ve been hanging around the Internet since Al Gore invented it (it’s a JOKE, people), you might remember how exciting it was to write and put up your first web page. I do. I shunned the many “free” hosting sites and actually paid for a domain name and webhosting space. By today’s standards, it cost me a fortune — $35 to register the domain for a year and $25 a month to host it. (Today I pay $8-$9 to register a domain and $30 a month for enough web space to host dozens of sites.)

But the real fun when I and many others started out was the ability to use sound and motion files, to show animated gifs and other really simple stuff on our websites. And remember how annoying and amateurish early sites were with loud, lame music playing on a loop when you visited them? (You aren’t still doing that with your website, are you??)

With the advent of macromedia flash files and YouTube, all the rules about writing for the Internet have changed. You must now learn to include quality photos and video files to do it right. I confess I’m still learning and still getting the hang of it. I’m an old “word guy,” and still let my wife and kids tackle most of the family video chores.

I can tell you this, if you’re writing for the Internet and need a video clip or stock photo, there are some great places — including YouTube — where you can find useful, usable stuff. I recently posted a tribute to jazz pianist Oscar Peterson on one of my other blogs. I think it was the first time I’ve ever put a YouTube video in a blog post. It was fun and surprisingly easy.

So, if you want to write successfully for the Internet, you’d better get up to speed and think video, not just written words. Now excuse me while I look around for some more videos I can put into some blog posts.
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