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Writing to market a service or product? Focus on customers

The title of this post really isn’t all that profound, but it’s easy to miss the obvious, so consider this a little review of the obvious.

Whether your writing copy to market a service for web masters or personalized gifts to Christmas shoppers, never forget that the focus of your writing MUST be the customer, not the browser, and certainly not the merchants you may be working with or for in your writing. Everything you say and the way you say it must be aimed at people who want to buy or need to buy the product or service. Your job is to speak to them in a way that will make them WANT what you or your merchant is offering.

Simple enough, isn’t it? You look at the product or service you’re marketing, then think about what you’d like to know or do with that product if you were a customer. Then write accordingly.

I’ll admit that ad copy writing is not my strong suite, but I know some of you are very successful copy writers. Leave a comment and share some tips with us.