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Writing website copy is similar to news writing

In many ways, writing copy for websites is similar to news writing. Here are some useful, common features of both:

  • Good news writing requires a short, concise “lead,” usually the first paragraph, that summarizes the key points of the story. Likewise, web copy should start with a concise statement of the article, story, or web page.
  • Good news writing develops the content of the story quickly, following the lead. Well-written website copy also works quickly to get the information across.
    Good news writing relies on short paragraphs, often of one sentence each. Web copy, too, should be structured in short paragraphs to capture and maintain web visitors attention.
  • Web copy, by nature, must be brief. Web pages which stretch on screen after screen die a quick death to the mouse click as the visitor moves on the another website. Likewise, whether for print or broadcast media, news copy has become a series of “briefs” or short articles for the reader who generally is ready and willing to move on.

Learning to write concise, well organized, short copy will help you whether you are doing news writing or creating websites.

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One Response to “Writing website copy is similar to news writing”

  1. Tip Diva says:

    When I began a career as a news editor – which involves writing for both print and web – I went into the job already knowing about writing the concise lead. But, it’s important to note that the lead (or “lede”) should have a hook – you want to grab the readers’ attention. I have to say, that was one of my weakest points at first.