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Year-end reminder: Yes, I am real, I am me, I am here regularly

Editor’s Note: This post has been “recycled” as part of a process to bring old posts back to the front of the blog for the “light of day” one more time. (This is done by use of a free plugin for those of you interested in doing it on your blogs.)

As 2007 draws to a close, I note that autoposting software and autoresponders handling email are becoming better all the time. And before you ask: I don’t know whether “autopost” and “autoresponder” are the correct style. But I like the way they look, so I’ll use them. If you know otherwise, please post and enlighten us all.

As the marvels we call high-tech continue to develop, it’s getting harder and harder to know who the “real” people are. I belong to some email lists that sound very personal/personalized — but I’ve never been able to contact a “real” person when I’ve sent email to them. In fact, as we speak (read?) I am in the middle of a two-week effort to get a response from the Yahoo! people regarding a website issue. They have such a warm, friendly “Contact” form on their site — and no known way to contact them by email or phone — that I had hoped I would get a response. So far, though I’ve used the form three times to submit a detailed question/help request, I haven’t even gotten an autoresponse telling me they received the information.

But as for me: If you get an email from me, it really is from me. If you look at the “About Me” page on this site, you’ll see my rather seedy looking mug, though I’m a year or two older now and I need to replace that lame photo. If you have a question or comment regarding something on this website, or something in general you wish to contact me about, you can use the “Contact Us” page — and you really will get a response from me.

I’m sitting here right now looking around our living room at the Christmas tree that needs to be undecorated (probably next weekend). Our 12-year-old cat, Tigra, is sleeping peacefully on the back of an old worn out recliner chair we keep setting in front of our main living room window just to give her a spot to snooze. My wonderful wife, Shirley, is busy doing her file clerk “day job” so I can sit here and make serious moves at an online business.

So, very little that I do is done on “auto” anything. I own some excellent autoresponder software for running a newsletter — which I never use any more because of all the spam problems in the email world. I also own some really snazzy “autoposting” blogging software. I never use that either, chiefly because I write just about everything on my blogs “by hand” and it would take longer to pre-write a ton of blog posts, then feed them into that software to post at intervals, than it does just to write ’em as I post ’em.

Yup. It’s really just me. I’m glad to be here, and I’m very, VERY happy to see all of you here, too. Come back and visit with me often.

Meanwhile, get busy today and write something that will make us all proud.
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