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Yet another ‘manufactured’ website, I’ll bet — but better software

I don’t mean to obsess over this “auto generated” website design and copy topic, but I just ran onto a site which was done with much better software. It almost looked “real” to me, so I browsed around it awhile and came to this conclusion, to use a cliche: “Close but no cigar.”

The website focuses on hot tubs, spas, and saunas, then moves into things like home office paper shredders, identity theft, home security systems, legal issues about homeschooling, and a variety of other topics. At first glance, it looks like a very comprehensive blog, and the domain name it uses is “homelivinganswers,” so it seems perfectly logical that it relates to a bunch of different issues and solutions to problems concerning home and family. Not only that, but pretty much every blog post there has a YouTube video related to the blog post.

Then I realized how many days and days of work it would take to locate YouTube videos on target for every blog post, and write intelligently done articles for the posts. This site, I would guess, is made with very sophisticated auto-posting software drawing from a database of not too badly written articles and keyword searches at YouTube. It doesn’t seem that there’s much more than a single initial post for several of the major categories across the top navigation bar, however, and the posts stop near the end of November. Either the blogger(s) lost interest or they ran out of articles in a database.

So it’s an auto-generated blog — but not badly done. If you really want software that will do the blogging and writing for you, this would be a one way to go. If, however, it’s set up the way so many such sites are, it probably pulls copy without permission from the sources’ authors. (There is an author listed for each post — “Alan — but there is no “About” page identifying him or anyone else. Their “Privacy Statement,” which was very hard to find, is so semi-literate that there’s no question it was written by someone entirely different than the articles use for the blog posts.)

The major problems with such a blog or website, as I’ve indicated before, are issues of integrity. Do you want to put up an anonymous blog or website? Then this route might work — except for that simple matter of integrity. If you’re using copy written by someone else, you have no right to STEAL it. The common word for that is theft; for writers it’s plagiarism.

Simply don’t do it. Don’t plagiarize. End of story.
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2 Responses to “Yet another ‘manufactured’ website, I’ll bet — but better software”

  1. It is fascinating to study these scraper sites and see how they operate. Some definitely do look better than others but, as you pointed out, most are just taking the content from other blogs and reposting it.

    I follow how these sites work pretty closely and, generally, most try to be professional enough to not be easily flagged as spam, but don’t really care if others can tell they are junk. They aren’t made for human eyes anyway.

    The question, I guess, is whether the spam blog achieved its goal. That is something we won’t ever know probably.

    Anyway, if you ever have trouble with such a blog, let me know, I’ll gladly see what I can do to help.

    Thank you for a great article!

  2. Leader says:

    That’s ContentBoss’ work. It’s a rewriter – best one out there right now.

    You put whatever you want rewritten in, and it spits out a well-rewritten version. If you put in your own stuff, it comes out pretty good. Just like the articles in that blog.

    But I can think of better uses for it…