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Advice for new writers: Never forget the power of written words

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Certainly the first “writers” were storytellers who “spoke” their stories. From there, written language developed, and practically since the very birth of writing we have had ad copy writers around, haven’t we? That’s probably an exaggeration. I don’t honestly know when the first recorded ad copy was created, but I know from studying history that every civilization from which we have any sort of written records has left behind ad copy.

That alone should convince you that written words have power. They can produce everything from invention to emotion. Written words inform us and persuade us. They help us share our thoughts, hopes, and dreams with others. We can use them to manipulate the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of others. Written words, combined with carefully spoken words, can sell Fenphedra diet pills and they can elect presidents. Ancient kingdoms and modern pharmaceutical companies alike have risen and have fallen based on written words.

Think carefully, as a writer, about words and the power of written words. Use that power for good and not for evil. Or, if you choose to use it for evil, hey, at least sharpen your basic grammar skills and do it right!
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