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Affiliate marketer? You understand the need for holiday planning

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If your writing involves writing content for a website, and especially if it involves writing content for an affiliate marketing website, I assume you understand the need for early planning and preparation related to the annual shopping holiday — I mean, related to Christmas.

Seriously, if you haven’t got your websites in order for pre-Christmas shoppers, you’re going to miss out.

It’s never too late, as an affiliate marketer, to add to the selection of merchants and merchandise you feature on your website. You must plan for year-around shoppers if you are going to make affiliate marketing a “real” business. But if you haven’t gotten things pretty well tuned up by the end of October, you’ll probably miss a lot of the holiday shoppers. Do you understand why?

Obviously, not everyone shops by or before the end of October. Although online shoppers do tend to shop earlier than those in the “real world,” in order to factor in shipping, returns, etc., and still have stuff ready for holiday giving.

BUT — here’s the punchline, so to speak: As an affiliate marketer, you know your shopping website needs to be polished up and ready to be found by Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the other search engines for you to get the most traffic you possibly can. And that generally takes 2-6 weeks even if you’ve built your sites well and optimized them for the search engines.

So get out there and build some pages for your shoppers today.

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