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All you copywriters out there: Try my short writing assignment

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Copywriting, writing ad content for a website or an offline source, is something I’ve always wanted to be good at. I’ve always thought it looked easy. You take a product or service and write something about that product or service which would motivate people to buy. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Yet I personally have several hundreds of pages of copy on 30+ websites that has failed spectacularly to motivate anyone to buy the products and services I’m pushing.

So for those of you who are copywriters or wannabe copywriters, here’s a little assignment for you. I promise you this is not for a product or service I actually am trying to sell. I am not using this to get a “freebie” from you. I’m asking you to do this so that I and others here might learn from your expertise. Here’s the scenario and what I’d like you to do.

You’re working for a company which sells jewelry. The company has just introduced a high-ticket medical ID bracelet. The bracelet itself simply contains the basic medical information you’d find in a plain, metal medical alert bracelet for $15-$20 — but it comes in a variety of precious metals with precious and semi-precious stone options.

You job is to write three paragraphs of ad copy for a web page which will both describe and “sell” the bracelets — which have a price range of $250-$600.

My “assignment” for you is NOT to write the ad copy but to answer this question:

What are the two most important factors you would consider in writing that ad copy?

In other words, don’t write ad copy, but tell me what you would do given the specifics of these high-end medical id bracelets that would guide you in writing the ad copy.

Is that clear enough? I invite you to leave comments and tell me your thinking and the process you would use. I hope we can get some discussion going here that will benefit all of us copywriters and copywriter wannabes.
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3 Responses to “All you copywriters out there: Try my short writing assignment”

  1. Christy Pryor says:


    My copy would focus on the bracelet’s attractiveness and high quality while touting the importance of rapidly and easily communicating health concerns in an emergency. And hey, an installment payment option might assist in closing the sale.

    My $.02 – am I the only one who misses the cent sign on a keyboard?

    Be well and behave, to the best of your ability,

  2. Gary says:


    “To the best of my ability”? You know me well, young one. (Did you like that “young one” part??)

    I would agree you’re on the right track as far as the approach to copywriting for that medical ID. Let’s see if we get other responses. Anyone else? Anyone?

    (Oh, yeah, it is awkward not having a cent sign on the keyboard.)

  3. Christy Pryor says:

    Ahhhh, “young one.” Thank you. And I am well acquainted with the best of your ability. I’ve seen your ability in action many times and miss it!

    Regarding the cent sign, my cousins had no idea what it was. How did that happen? Am I antiquated? No, never mind. I care not for the answer. 🙂


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