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All you fiction writers — here’s a website you should go to right away

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Okay, I’ll admit up front that I have no personal knowledge of this author or his teaching material. But he sounds good and the website looks good. I just did a “Google” on Randy Ingermanson and everything I found looks 1) very useful, and, 2) just really good.

The site I’m talking about is “AdvancedFictionWriting.com,” and it has a wealth of material from author Ingermanson as well as some links to very useful articles. Go take a look. I’m in the process right now of signing up for everything he offers that’s free — the paid stuff will come later after I’ve checked out the usefulness of the freebies.

Seriously, I’m looking at a couple of his books right now, as I’ve always been a science fiction and Christian writing fan. When much of his fiction combines the two, I can’t resist.

Any of you familiar with the man, his writing, his “credibility”? Of course, few of you really know me either, so what does your opinion count for anyway? (JUST KIDDING. KIDDING. Don’t run off. It was a joke.)

Take a look around and if you’ve read his stuff, tell us, please.
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