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Any writers out there in Las Vegas? Do you ever write in a casino?

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I realize the title of this post seems a bit odd, but I have a reason for the question. I’ll explain.

In addition to blogging and other tortuous forms of life — I mean writing — I also spend a lot of my time trying to succeed at affiliate marketing. I’ve discussed all that before, so I won’t go into detail here.

I hang out at a large forum which is like the center of the universe for thousands of affiliate marketers. One of the more successful marketers there is a resident of Las Vegas. I read a profile of this gentleman in a marketing magazine. I found his lifestyle very interesting. He live in one of the Las Vegas hotels (I’ve forgotten which one) — and he spends most of his work hours at a casino (I’ve forgotten which one). He literally runs his business out of the casino, building websites and all the other stuff involved in affiliate marketing mostly on his laptop and using a WiFi connection to the Internet from the casino.

I personally work very often out of a study room at one of the public library branches where I live. But I find the idea of working in an “office” that’s really a casino somehow intriguing.

So I had to ask the question: Do any of you writers out there live in Las Vegas? If so, do you do any of your work out of a casino?

The only point to all this, I guess, is to satisfy my curiosity about casino living and Las Vegas lifestyles. Also, I suppose, to emphasize that writing is a career option you can do from just about anywhere.

If not a Las Vegas casino, what is your favorite home-away-from-home workplace? Coffee shop? Library? Internet cafe? Tell us, please.
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