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Anyone still making money with blogs through Adsense?

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I was reading today about some changes to Google’s Adsense “rules and regs” that a friend tipped me to. It seems to me their latest requirement about Adsense placement in relation to page headings and other links pretty much deals a blow to anyone still making much money with Adsense. If those folks truly comply with the new placement rules.

Most of you that blog or maintain websites must know what Adsense is, don’t you? For the rest of you — Adsense is Google’s effort to give you some money when people go to your site and click on the Adsense ads you have allowed Google to place there. That’s the short answer.

Their latest “decree” is not to place headings over Adsense ads which make it unclear they are ads, AND not to place Adsense ads so that people mistake them for your own site links instead of being ads.

Which all leads to the point of this post: Any of you out there making any serious income via Adsense? There was a time a few years ago when some of the “Internet gurus” out there claimed six figure annual incomes of enormous size through the Adsense program. Personally, I’m luck if I make a buck or two a day from all the Adsense on all of my websites and blogs.

Just curious, and I really would not want anyone to divulge specifics — any of you earning good income from Adsense these days?
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