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Practice helps your writing craft, writing skills grow


Practicing your writing helps you become more skilled as a writer — and it can make your writing income grow as well. I’ve found an excellent writing resource that I may have mentioned before, but I think it deserves a serious look for any of you who are serious about any sort of career as writers. I’m referring to the website/blog site of Dean Wesley Smith, a writer whose work and instruction I am coming to love. He’s been incredibly helpful, wonderfully inspirational, and highly entertaining. One of the many words of advice Dean frequently offers is the importance of […] Read More >

Writers must love, or learn to love, language if they are to write well


Writers need to love language, everything about language. If you don’t find grammar, usage, words, word play, even spelling fascinating, chances are you’re not doing as well at being a writer as you might like. When it gets right down to it, words and all aspects of language — in my case the English language, most specifically American English — are all we writers have got. We really don’t even have our innermost (if there really is such a thing as “innermost”) thoughts without language, without words. Because without language, and specifically without words, we cannot have “thoughts,” can we? […] Read More >

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