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Back to the basics again: Get organized, schedule your time and writing wisely

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In a recent post, we discussed the importance of organization and scheduling your writing efforts. I came up with a revolutionary way that works for me. It’s called a pocket organizer or calendar. Yes, truly “revolutionary” because it’s so “low-tech” in our world of computers and gadgets.

I don’t care whether you own the latest, cutting edge PIM software, an expensive Hublot Big Bang watch (which I understand are highly coveted and not easy to find) — if you don’t actually USE the scheduler or organizing tool, it won’t work for you.

Which brings me back to the trusty pocket organizer. I’m not talking about anything digital or electronic here. I’m talking about something made from paper, bound in a plastic cover, with each two-page spread holding a single week. (If you want to go the luxury route, look for one with each two-page spread holding a single day.)

It works for me. It probably works where none of the others do because I’m accustomed to pulling something out of my back pocket or book bag, flipping through it, and using a pen or pencil to write in it, check off completed items, cross off changes, etc.

Funny thing, but something just that old fashioned works for me because it’s what I used first, in those long ago days before I had a laptop computer or my trusty AlphaSmart Neo.

So do what works for you. Don’t try to adapt yourself and your writing comfort to new scheduling technology. Yes, learn to use all the high-tech tools out there, and learn to use high-tech organizers if you really want to — but find what REALLY works for you and then “just do it.”
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