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Blogging: I am appealing to your spirit of teamwork — post your comments

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One of the most enjoyable things I do in life is write this and three other regular blogs. I really enjoy the opportunity to put my words down on “virtual paper” and have them out there for the whole world to see. Just yesterday, my wife, Shirley, and I were looking through some of the web stats for this blog and marveling at the places people come from to find my ramblings. We’ve had visitors from many countries in the world. As Shirley remarked, it’s really kind of amazing that I can sit here in Springfield, Missouri, in the U.S., type out a couple of hundred words, click a button, and someone in Germany, Denmark, the Philippines, China, New Zealand or almost any nation in the world can choose to read them.

But I cannot make this blog worth much doing it all by myself. I know you, good readers, are out there. I know some of you have chosen, from time to time, to leave comments on some of the things I’ve posted here. Which is really a good thing. The very best blogging is a “team sport,” not an individual achievement. As with resort timeshares, fractional ownership is important to all online communities, including this one.

So I encourage you all to leave comments on those posts that speak to you. If you’re not finding useful information here, please comment and let me know. I’m considering posting an occasional survey, as soon as I can find a good survey software or host, so you can express details on what you really want from our little “community” on the Internet.

Thanks for hanging around my blog. I value your presence and your input.
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