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Develop this television habit and your writing skills will never be in jeopardy

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’m really not that good at writing humor, especially puns. You can tell that from the lame title I’ve put on this post.

I’m referring in the title, of course, to one of my favorite half hours on television: “Jeopardy!” My wife, Shirley, and I watch the program faithfully, and I heartily recommend the habit. I suspect many of you do watch the program. I note that a large percentage of the contestants in the course of any given season are writers. Lots of lawyers, too, but we’re especially interested in the prevalence of writers.

I recommend the program for the same reason I recommend doing word games, word puzzles, etc. Stimulating your mind with words and “Jeopardy!” helps you stay mentally sharp, and serves to make those creative juices pump. Watch “Jeopardy!” will help you be the best writer you can be — and it could make you even better.

Now if they would just find a bit sharper contestant pool than the ones they’ve had on for the last year or so …
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