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Do online collection agencies need copywriters? I wonder

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I will confess that my wife and I have received those no-fun letters/warnings from commercial collection agencies. You may know what I mean. The letter sequence starts with something polite and gracious, but if you can’t pay up and they need to send you additional letters, or even make phone calls, the content and tone tend to turn toward the Dark Side, and really can be unpleasant.

But with the real world turning more toward the online world — are there actually any online collection agencies doing business? And if so, do they require copywriters to write something like, say, collection emails?

I really don’t know whether there is such a market out there, much less whether there is a profitable market there for freelance copywriters — other than the obvious possibility of writing website content, doing web design, etc., for collection agencies seeking an Internet presence.

If you know of such opportunities, I invite you to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences. No spam, please. I’m not looking for a collection agency, I’m seeking any information you might have about online copywriting opportunities related to collection agencies.

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