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Does fear ever hinder your writing? How do you deal with fear?

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I was reading my issue of “The Morning Nudge” this morning, that really encouraging, useful email newsletter published by our writer friend Suzanne Lieurance of The Working Writer’s Coach, and realized that fear is an issue in my writing efforts.

Suzzane suggests in today’s “Nudge” that fear is always part of a freelance writer’s life, generally because freelancing means tackling new and different projects. All writers, she suggests, experience fears when tackling a new project. Her suggestion is simply to face those fears, consult with others for necessary advice, then get on with it.

Makes sense to me.

My biggest fear concerning my writing? It’s a silly thing, really. I fear that somehow, sometime, the words will simply “run out” and not come to me when I need them. Yeah, I know, probably pretty silly.

What are some of the fears you’ve experienced as a writer? Tell us about it, please. We can learn together from your comments.
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