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Establish your writing priorities; restablish them when you stray

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I have to confess that I’ve spent most of my writing life in a sort of tension between “wannabe” and “gottabe.” I’ve always told myself I want to be successful as a novelist. But most of my writing life has been taken up with writing I’ve had to do in order to pay the bills.

I urge you, if it is at all possible, establish your writing priorities and focus as much as possible on those types of writing. Sacrifice whatever you can whenever you can to stick to the writing you love, and if you stray from that, reestablish those priorities just as soon as you are able.

I say all that because my wife and I have just gone through a bit of reevaluation concerning priorities — and we’ve decided now is the best time to put aside a lot of the “stuff” I’ve been struggling to do online and get back to the novel writing priorities I’ve let fall by the road of this life’s journey.

Mustering the meager resources we have and what little faith/courage I have rattling around in my heart, I am going to dust off an idea I’ve had for a few years and write a series of adventure/fantasy novels. In fact, I spent yesterday rummaging around old notebooks to locate the stuff I’ve already started and polished up a shiny new spiral notebook to start a plotting/planning/journal for the task.

I’ve spent too many decades, yes decades, of my life telling myself I really didn’t have time or energy to work on those novels I sort of just assumed would write themselves. But, working on the premise that some hard thinking and hard writing on novels and ideas dear to my heart might just be the best anti-aging product for an Old Guy’s brain — I’m getting down to business, setting aside a lot of the online time wasters, and doing what I’ve wanted to do all along.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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