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Explaining more about the misuse of keywords on your website

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There are so many ways people have tried to cheat to get paying traffic from the major Internet search engines that I want to make some of this clear. If you are new to website building and writing Internet content, you certainly don’t want to be smacked by Google for doing something you didn’t know was “wrong” or disallowed.

In the post just before this, I spoke of what (although I never used the term) is a form of “keyword stuffing,” i.e., flooding a website or web page with keywords that really haven’t anything relevant to do with the site, but that many people are searching for. For example: a few years ago many people were searching the Internet for information about “mesothelioma,” a particularly vicious form of cancer often caused by exposure to asbestos. At the time this term was being searched for a lot, many lawyers were launching class action suits and personal injury suits over asbestos exposure.

What all that meant to web masters was this: Google’s AdSense program would pay them several dollars per click for hosting AdSense ads on their web pages that people would click on for information about mesothelioma. So — by stuffing their websites and web pages with that word, web masters would draw traffic to click on AdSense ads about the topic and make a tidy income. (AdSense and how it works is a whole other topic. Suffice to say, some web masters — not so much any more — in the past made six-figure annual incomes from AdSense clicks. Yes, six-figure annual incomes.)

You can see, then, the motivation to cheat the system. If you felt you could put up links or sneak in links with keywords that would earn you a lot of money with little or no effort, you might be tempted to do so. Because of this enormous temptation to abuse the system, the search engines like Google have spent a lot of money to ferret out cheaters. They only have money to pay for those AdSense clicks and similar programs if the lawyers, doctors, Realtors, and others spend money to place ads. And if the ad buyers (that program is AdWords) believe the ad publishers (AdSense) are cheating, they simply will take their money to other places.

Don’t cheat. Don’t even accidentally cheat if you’re considering any sort of online writing or website content involving AdSense and similar programs. In the end you WILL be caught and it’ll ruin your career if you’re serious about a writing or online marketing career. Do things the old-fashioned, honest way — nimble fingers to the keyboard and a lot of hard work.

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