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For most, writing less is always harder than writing more

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When I was a young lad starting my writing career, it always puzzled me when authors suggested beginning writers would be better off trying a novel than a short story.

As I grow older, I understand what I didn’t “get” back then: Novels, anything book length, really, have plenty of room to roam; short stories (and blog posts for that matter) demand concise writing.

The fun thing about my career is that I’ve been forced mostly into short-form writing. My main published work has been short religious devotionals, highly structured religious study materials, and news briefs. Besides teaching me to write “tightly,” such experience has helped me make the brutal decisions and cuts editors often face making.

How about you? What has your writing focused on mostly, short stuff or book length? Which do you prefer doing? Which is easiest for you, or are they about the same? What do you see yourself writing next year, or five years from now, or ten? (Not too early to start making those annual New Year’s writing resolutions.)

Comment here and let us know. Then get busy and write something that will make us all proud.
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