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Getting excited about my new eBook for writers, several copies sold

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I’m getting excited about my new eBook, “200 Original Story Prompts to Jump-Start Your Writing,” and early sales on Amazon. For the next 90 days at least, the book will be sold exclusively at Amazon.com in their “Kindle Digital Publishing Select” program. That means in return for listing the book exclusively with Amazon I get to take advantage of some of their marketing skills and opportunities.

You can use the link above to go to the eBook on Amazon, or click on the cover image for it in the sidebar on this website to get their, too.

The real beauty of Amazon’s Kindle eBooks, in my opinion, is the ease with which you can almost instantly download a Kindle eBook, and then begin reading it in seconds — even if you don’t own a Kindle reader of some sort. Amazon makes their “Kindle apps” available for just about every computer, smartphone, and tablet on the market — for free, of course. (If you don’t already have the Kindle app installed on your computer or mobile device, I encourage you to click the link in that last sentence and check it out.)

So far, my little book is far from a “best-seller” of any sort, though I’ve seen several copies sold since I published it last week. It’s pretty specialized, so I’m not expecting a huge audience — though it won’t hurt my feelings if I get great sales from it. I wrote it to give fiction writers and wannabe fiction writers some creative prompts or story starters. It was really fun putting it together, and I am actually fiddling around with some of the prompts in the book to do some short fiction with myself. As I’ve said in the book, if you don’t want to use the story prompts in it to launch your own fiction — the I sure intend to myself.

So my advice to you would be to drop everything you’re doing right now, race over to Amazon.com (use the link above or in the sidebar for quick access), and buy a copy of this book. Then we’ll have a little informal “contest” to see which of us can self-publish a book or short story on Kindle based on one of the prompts from the book.

I have absolutely no idea what we might do for the “winner” of that contest, but I might be open to suggestions. And, of course, you would have my gratitude for buying a copy of my fun little book.

And, while I’m on the subject — I would be delighted if any of you who buy the book would go back to Amazon.com after you’ve read it and leave a review.

Coming Soon — Or maybe I should say “coming sooner or later” — I’ve got several works in progress, fiction that is. I’m almost done with a 3.500-4,000 word humorous fantasy involving goblins and goblets. I’ve got a start on a series of short novels based on misadventures of several angels and superheros. I have great plans ahead and hope you’ll hang around here from time to time as I get some of these things written and published on Kindle.

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