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Greatest tool available for writers today — the Internet

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The Internet is the most marvelous tool you will ever find as a writer for promoting your writing, calling attention to your writing interests, showing off your writing skills — frankly, it’s the best tool ever invented for self-promotion, whether you’re a writer, an affiliate marketer, or any sort of salesperson.

Remember, not long ago one of the best ways to promote your sales career, whether you are a writer, insurance salesman, or Realtor, was to print up business cards, promo brochures, perhaps purchase some promotional pens or ball caps to give out to customers and friends — relatively costly and localized solutions for cultivating prospective clients or customers.

With the advent of the Internet and the radical drop in costs for getting online, you can promote your freelance writing career literally all over the world for a fraction of what you would have spent creating promotional/sales materials just 10 years ago.

I cannot imagine pursuing a serious writing career without some sort of Internet presence. If you do not yet use the Internet for your writing, you really need to get up to speed on this one. Start a blog. Create an online resume. Build a simple one or two page website. The costs are negligible and tools available include software ranging from absolutely free (WordPress) to very expensive. All are useful for writers. Shop around for a free blog site (wordpress.com or blogger.com), or a reasonably cheap managed blog site (typepad).

Whatever you do, focus some time each day for building your online presence. You’ll be delighted with the results you’ll get with daily, steady attention to your Internet writing presence.

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