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Have I mentioned one of my most-used pieces of software? Great for writers, just about anyone

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I have one piece of software on my computer that runs constantly and that I almost could NOT do without — but I don’t think I’ve ever tipped you off to it. It’s called “ClipCache Pro 3.1.” I would not recommend the earlier version, 2.9. That earlier version may still be around, but it was pretty buggy and caused me to lose a bunch of important data a couple of times.

ClipCache Pro 3.1 is what I guess is called a “clipboard extender,” and it’s the handiest combined text editor/text file storage system you could possibly imagine. I don’t have an “affiliate link” that makes me any money if you buy, but I urge you to go take a look at it. The 3.0+ version has some excellent database innovations and backup options to help you save the clips. You can find out more about ClipCache Pro 3.1 by clicking on this link.

Here’s my quick rundown on what ClipCache Pro does and how I use it.

I have it set to start up when I boot my computer. It runs in the background and copies everything I would normally just copy to the Windows clipboard. I have it set to copy in “text,” because text formatting is the most universally usable. Unlike the Windows clipboard — which holds sometimes only one thing at a time, in various versions of Word, up to 12 things at a time — ClipCache will copy everything you copy, and store it as long as you want it.

The clips in ClipCache can be organized into any number of folders you want to set up, or all in one big “Inbox” folder. The advantage of this is that they are instantly accessible from a little tray icon.

I cannot tell you how many hundreds of text files, ranging in size from a few words to multiple paragraphs, which I have stored in ClipCache Pro. From time to time, I go into ClipCache Pro and delete clips, reorganize them into folders, etc. I have one folder, for example, that contains PHP code clips I use on several websites. All I have to do to use them is open the website file, pop open ClipCache, highlight what I want copied into it, and click.

If you’ve used a clipboard extender before, you know what I mean about the convenience. If not, you’ll learn as you look around the site.

Of course, as a writer, my most-used and most-useful piece of software is actually the “old reliable” Microsoft Word word processing software.

But ClipCache Pro probably ranks right up there doing battle with Word as my most useful piece of software. I encourage you to give it a look. I bought mine a year or two ago, whenever they came out with version 3, and I think the price is still around $30 — and well worth it.
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