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Here it is, my number one ‘must have-must read’ book for writers

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Know what I would recommend if I could only recommend one book for beginning writers? Or, only one book for ALL writers, for that matter? (Caveat: I write only in English and I assume the majority of you do, too, but I’ll make it clear that I’m only speaking about a must-have book for those who write in English.)

Drum roll, please, maestro, here comes the big revelation:

“The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White.

It’s an “oldie but goody,” as anyone who’s been writing long can tell you. The online version here is the original 1918 edition done by William Strunk. There’s a newer version which is larger and was expanded by E.B. White. Forgive me for not knowing for certain, but I think White was a friend and pupil of Strunk’s who expanded his mentor’s original.

The online version you can use for free. The newer edition, known universally by writers and editors as simply “Strunk and White,” you can buy for a few bucks at a local bookstore, through Amazon, however you get your books.

Get a copy, or at least read through the online version, and we’ll talk a lot more about it next time.

Now get busy and write something that’ll make us all proud of you.
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