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Here’s a useful reference site for researchers, writers

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Maybe I’m coming late to the parade on this one, but I just ran onto “wikiHow — The How-to-Manual That You Can Edit,” and it looks like a very useful site for writers and researchers. It’s one of those great places like Wikipedia, where you can get caught up and spend hours of your time, if you aren’t careful. Or, maybe that’s just me. One of the best memories of my childhood was reading through five or six volumes called
“Junior Classics” that my parents brought home from a rummage sale when I was a small kid.

If you like “how-to” articles, wikihow is a good place for you. I’m one of those would-be/should-be handyman homeowners. My dad was an excellent carpenter and handyman, but I was a rebellious little kid and unwilling student. Consequently, I need a good how-to manual if I’m going to, say, replace a light bulb. No, just kidding on the light bulb. (But there’s a couple of boxes upstairs filled with tiles that will attest to my need for a good how-to on how to install porcelain tile.)

So take a look. I think it’s a useful site. Be careful, as always, to verify anything you find there before assuming it’s true and using it in your writing (or your home repair work). Remember that it’s a user-contribution sort of site. Don’t assume it’s all accurate.

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