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Here’s how to get your blog listed and active in Yahoo’s RSS system

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I had a private response to my post of a few days ago, with one of our readers asked me how to get a blog into the Yahoo “modules” that you set up on a Yahoo home page. Getting into that system is relatively easy, and it can be a nice source of readership.

You can always simply wait for Yahoo to index your blog, which could be like waiting around for anti wrinkle cream to take effect. Or you can use your Yahoo home page to get your blog into the system quickly and relatively easily.

So for what it’s worth to some of you, here’s my step-by-step “walk through” for anyone else wondering about how to do this:

1. Make sure you have the URL for your blog’s RSS feed. I only know how to do this with WordPress blogs and/or blogs which use the FeedBurner service. In WordPress, your RSS feed URL is usually just “http://example.com/feed.” It’s that simple to find your feed in WordPress. In other blogging software, I’m afraid I don’t know. But you can probably find some “help” or “support” links to identify your blog’s feed.

EASIER WAY FOR THIS: The easiest way to find your RSS feed and set up the URL you need is to go to http://www.feedburner.com and walk through their step-by-step guide to let FeedBurner.com handle your blog feeds. It’s a free service and I highly recommend it for all blogs. Take a look around their and you’ll see they offer you a wealth of services.

2. Once you have either your “raw” URL for your blog’s RSS feed or your FeedBurner feed URL, go to your Yahoo home page, and log in using your Yahoo ID. Then click on the drop-down menu bar near the top called “Personalize This Page.”

3. Select the drop-down choice which says “Add RSS Feed.”

4. Type or paste your RSS feed which you found and/or created in Step 1 into the box and hit the “Add” button.

5. The RSS for your blog should show up on the page. When you first try to go to it or use it, you may get a message that a new RSS feed has been added and asking whether you wish to keep it or not. Tell it yes.

This process has published your blog’s RSS feed and identity into Yahoo’s system.

Another method, which can become frustrating because of the overload of information offered, is to go to the Yahoo Publisher’s Guide at http://publisher.yahoo.com/rssguide. This is an excellent reference source and will help you learn about RSS. But by far the quickest and simplest way to add your blog’s RSS to Yahoo is to do it as I’ve suggested through your Yahoo home page.

And, let me emphasize, I highly recommend that you set your blog’s feed up at FeedBurner.com. They offer a wealth of free features to help you understand and use your RSS feed to build your blog.

Hope that’s all helpful. Feel free to ask questions and seek clarification through the “Contact Us” form and/or by leaving a comment. Happy blogging.
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