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How do you feel about adverbs? I advise using them sparingly

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The problem with adverbs is that once you open the door to one, his whole family and all of his buddies try to crowd through. Next thing you know, your whole office is filled with them, pushing and shoving to get into your keyboard and onto your computer screen. (Or maybe I should say “pushing zestfully” and “shoving mightily”?)

I was just reading an article I ran onto via Google that made the point well: “Publishable fiction writing must draw the reader into the story, not describe what is taking place. It is not an action sequence in a movie, it is an experience. (Emphasis added. The full article is found here.)

Don’t neglect to use an adjective or adverb if it fits what you are trying to write. But don’t rely on them. Strive to trim out the adverbs. Let your verbs speak. They are action words in their own right. The result will be clear, fast-paced writing that acts and involves your readers instead of just telling them something.

What do you think about it? How do you feel about adjectives and especially adverbs, I’m asking curiously.
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