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How do you understand ‘integrity’ as it relates to your writing?

I posted last week about this subject, sort of. In that post, I told you of a paid blog opportunity I had which I turned down because I wasn’t willing to “plug” a website to you and readers of my other blogs, based on the content of the website. At the time, I invited comments from you about what you would or would not be willing to write and why.

I got one comment, and I thought it was a good one — which, maybe, is defined as one I agree with. Seriously, it indeed was a good comment, with a couple of interesting criteria involved: nothing I would be ashamed to have my mother read, and nothing which will reflect badly on me or my business.

What about this issue of integrity in our writing? I watched a recent “Andy Griffith Show” rerun in which Barney Fife (I assume you know the characters?) is excited about a second career selling real estate. The crux of the plot involved his eagerness to make sales leading him to sort of “shade” or ignore the truth regarding homes he was trying to sell.

The point is, whether you’re hedging around real estate sales — or any sales — or blogging or writing a novel, how much are you willing to “bend” and what are you willing to ignore, to gain the sale, income, fame, or whatever you’re after? When you write, what do you consider reasonable and what do you consider to be compromises you are unwilling to live with?

Comments? Or am I being too vague here to even generate comments? Let us know what you think about this whole issue of integrity in writing.
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