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I haven’t asked for awhile — what fun writing gigs have you found lately?

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It’s always fun, from time to time, to swap “war stories” with other writers and enjoy a chuckle over the odd or just plain fun things happening in the writing life. What sort of fun or unusual writing gigs have you been doing lately?

Whether it’s a totally freelance project you’re doing or something you’re doing on assignment, tell us about the interesting and different writing you may be involved with.

I’ll go first. I’ve resurrected a novel manuscript I started a few years ago and I’m having fun with it. The story I’m doing involves an elderly couple who stumble into a multi-million dollar fortune. I won’t reveal anything else, but the challenge I’m facing right now is how to come up with the money in the small-town setting and lifestyle I’ve given the elderly couple. I’ll let you know when I have it all together — I really feel good about these characters and the ideas I have so far; maybe this could be the novel I finally get published? (I even have a couple of ideas in mind to make it into a trilogy or even longer series.)

What are you up to? I guess my offering isn’t all that odd or unusual, but it’s something I’m having fun with. What fun writing are you doing right now?
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