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I love a language site that starts off by berating ‘idiots’

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Some months ago, I wrote of a site called ThereTheir.com — DON’T WRITE LIKE AN IDIOT. I had forgotten about that site until one of my readers came here searching for it and left a comment discussing the site.

When I say this is a language site that opens by berating “idiots” and language misuse, that’s just what I mean. Go look for yourself. If you can’t get there right how, allow me to quote the site’s opening paragraph:

“You may not notice it yourself, but if you don’t know the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE, you come across as an idiot whenever you use them. That’s right, the difference is obvious, and everyone sees it but you (and the other idiots). They are not interchangeable, and neither are THERE, THEIR, and THEY’RE, nor any of the examples explained below.”

I confess I probably am not QUITE that straightforward or “harsh” about grammar and language errors, but I’ve often felt that way. In a world where “political correctness” seems to reign, perhaps we need to be more direct and call an idiocy an idiocy. When I wrote about the site the first time (that was here), I see the site owner has added my all-time language pet peeve: “THEN#THAN.”

Go back to the site when you have time and look around. It’ll help you sharpen your language skills, and it offers a degree of solace to those of us battling for correct word usage, grammar, and all the other matters which SHOULD be important to writers.

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