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Importance of ‘branding’ to sustain your writing career

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I know some of you have been far more successful at freelance writing than I, and I suspect an important part of your ongoing success has to do with the “branding” you’ve done.

I’m using the term “branding” simply to mean that you have an audience or a basic list of regular clients who recognize your name or your business name or in some other way know you’re the one to turn to for the services you offer and they need. That’s pretty wordy, isn’t it? You understand what I mean, I’m sure.

There was a time when “suitcases” or “luggage” were almost synonymous in most people’s minds with “Samsonite luggage,” or perhaps “American Tourister,” though really, mostly, just “Samsonite.” The Samsonite products were “cutting edge” technology, and for awhile they had some great commercials on television highlighting their sturdy durability. You remember those commercials? Think “gorilla.” They had commercials where their luggage was tossed into a gorilla cage and took considerable beating and battering around by the gorilla — apparently without damage to the luggage.

You may have absolutely nothing to do with writing about luggage or gorillas, but if you’ve done consistently well as a freelance writer, you’ve probably “branded” yourself in some fashion so that people turn to you and pay the price you are asking.

What are you known for as a writer? Have you had success? What part has branding paid in your ongoing success as a writer? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience with branding.

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