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Internet writing — look for ‘long tail keywords’ to draw web traffic

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Sometimes I assume, since I write a lot of content for my affiliate marketing websites and I write several blogs, that most people reading my writing understand and use concepts like “long tail keywords,” and wouldn’t be interested in what I have to say.

Then I remember that we all start — started — somewhere and probably some reading this don’t have the slightest idea about how the concept works or how it might help their online writing efforts.

If you want to draw traffic to your website through the various big-time, free Internet search engines (yes, Google, I’m talking mostly about YOU), you need to have some understanding of long tail keywords. “Keywords” as used in relation to people coming to an Internet site means those words related to your blog or website for which people search — usually a phrase rather than a single word. For example, if you have a website selling handcrafted picture frames, a primary keyword for your site would be “picture frames.” Another would be “pictures” another “frames” and another probably “handcrafted.”

The problem with your keywords there is: There are probably MILLIONS of searches done every day on the Internet for such common keywords as “picture frames” and even “handcrafted picture frames,” so it’s unlikely writing articles or other web content crafted around those keywords will draw you any of that traffic.

Now here’s where the concept of “long tail” comes into play. A “long tail keyword” is a phrase closely related to the website or web page or article you want people to find that is, ideally, THREE OR FOUR words long. Hence the label “long tail.” By writing web content for your blog or website that contains relevant long tail keywords, you can draw search traffic that others might overlook. For example, “handcrafted picture frames,” though it’s three words long, would not be a good long tail keywords because it’s not really very unique. But “find handcrafted wooden picture frames” would probably be a better — maybe even not too bad — long tail keyword.

Enough of the keywords for now. It’s an important concept you need to know at least a little about if you are writing for the Internet. I hope to do some follow-up posts in the next week or so suggesting other important things to know about using keywords and using long tail keywords, although it’s probably pretty basic stuff for many of you.
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One Response to “Internet writing — look for ‘long tail keywords’ to draw web traffic”

  1. Chuck Burns says:

    Thank you for your well written article. I am 63 and just starting my Internet marketing career. I enjoy developing websites and have started a couple dozen so far. I have a few that I am cultivating and trying to learn SEO and attract organic search engine traffic.
    I understand what the longtail is but I have a question about writing longtail content. I have dozens of longtail keywords that supposedly could attract a couple to a couple dozen visitors each. Many of these key phrases are very similar. My problem is how to write pages and pages of content for very similar key phrases and also to keep the content from being considered duplication.
    I do much better with Yahoo than with Google. Google is a hard master to please.
    Thanks again for your post, it was informative and very well written. I appreciate it.

    Chuck Burns
    ps My main website is crashed. I lost all my content so it is junk right now.

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