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Just discovered a helpful website about publishing and the law

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What are the standards you need to follow if you’re going to write parody or satire? I mean, assuming you want to stay out of legal trouble and avoid such annoyances as libel lawsuits.

I’m talking about The Publishing Law Center. I found the site following a link on one of the forums I visit regularly. A forum member posted an idea he was kicking around about starting a “fake news” website. (His idea was to follow the model of The Onion.) His concern was — if he writes fake news about public figures, will he risk being sued for libel. The short answer is, probably not as long as what he does is obvious parody, but maybe he would if his satire was very realistic.

In that forum thread, someone posted a link to the parody discussion at The Publishing Law Center.

I encourage you to go there, read a lot of the articles and suggestions on the site, and benefit from the information every time you put your fingers on the keyboard to write. There are loads of information there about the how-tos and how-not-tos of the publishing world.
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