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Keeping up with the news — do you read favorite newspaper websites?

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It’s good once in awhile to remember that now classic name tag applied to the Internet by Al Gore — I think it was Gore who popularized it anyway? — the “information super highway.” Because on most days, you can easily forget the “information” aspect of the Internet. It seems everywhere a person turns, you run into porn sites, porns sites disguised as legitimate sites, spammers trying to sell you everything and anything (including porn), and lots of gossip and wild rumors.

But that’s not the point of this post. I want to get you back to the information concept, specifically websites run by newspapers. Would you have thought five years ago that you might find reading your local paper easier and more useful online than offline? Many mornings before leaving for work last summer, I was able to go online and get all the stuff I wanted from our local newspaper’s website long before our carrier threw it behind my wife’s flower bushes where it was almost impossible to reach.

Now I have several newspaper websites bookmarked and go to them regularly for news and information to help me as a writer and a blogger. I am no longer stuck with the local paper, I can readily access the nation’s and the world’s leading papers with the click of a mouse. I generally visit The New York Times and The Washington Post regularly. I also have favorites from cities I’ve lived in throughout my life: The Denver Post, The Idaho Statesman, and The Seattle PI.

Sure, you can go to Yahoo news and Google news sites, and for quick information and search functions, I recommend both. But for getting stories for your writing, you can’t miss the local color and drama of a newspaper website. Look around and find your favorites.

Perhaps you already have a favorite newspaper site you visit regularly? Tell us about it.
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